Boatmen Union Logo
The LLOYD’S REGISTER with ISO 9002 has approved the boatmen’s union 
in April 1999
The boatmen’s union operates according to the ISO quality and safety system for it’s provided services


Passengers transportation from cruise ships to ports.
Ships attachments to buoys and piers.
Vessel hiring for excursions
The boatmen's union can spare captain with master's certificate and knowledge of pilot service in order to give advises to anyone who needs.


The boatmen union of Santorini consists of 12 contemporary 
latest technology vessels and 2 auxiliary ones.
All have floating capacity, are luxurious and they are capable of transferring until 88 persons.
They develop speed up to 20 nautical miles. Equipped with 2 engines, bow thruster, 
they are unsinkable and water tight.
Moreover provide W.C. and all contemporary telecommunication equipment.
They transfer passengers from cruise ships and they carry out excursions in Santorini
and in all islands around.
Our expert staff, 12 captains, 12 sailors, 11 mooring men and 1 mechanic are provide
with all the necessary certificates and they afford service to the port of Fira
and Athinios on a 24 hours basis a day.
.Mooring men at work
84700 Santorini
Fira port, Santorini
.At Athinios port in Santorini


Tel: 0030-22860-25290, 0030-22860-24220, Port: 0030-22860-24885, 0030-22860-24690
Fax: 0030-22860-24220, Mobile: 0030-977666566